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READ THIS FIRST Before Proceeding to the Application

Thank you for applying to this opportunity I want you to know this is a Business Opportunity, not a JOB. Before you fill out an application I want you to have ALL of the information about the company, how we get paid, and how much you can make. If your not interested after watching any of the videos there is a link on each page that will take you to our partners that offer Hourly & Salary positions.

This is for individuals who want to be independent of a paycheck and create their own income. Below is a detailed overview of how it works and how you would make money if you decide to move forward. If not I wish you the best of luck moving forward and thank you for your time.



We specialize in marketing, and lead generation, and helping businesses grow using our software and marketing techniques. I’m looking for self-motivated entrepreneurs who work remotely from home and want to receive incoming calls to sell our software system or you can also purchase the system to use for your own business.
There are 2 levels to this opportunity:
Level 1
Sales RepAs a Sales Rep you resell our system. Sales reps don’t have access to the rights, training or software to use the system. Sales reps don’t train clients, once the client agrees to the sale, the trainer takes over. We’ll provide you with leads, links, and scripts to market the products we offer. When a sale is made, your paid a commission within 24-72 hours.
To start as a sales rep, there is no cost. You cold call the leads provided to you, or you can create or purchase a landing page to generate your own business. The clients are yours from first contact until the sale is made. You’re responsible for creating interest, following up, and closing the client. You’ll be given leads, training on how to sell, and you can generate your own leads. There is an option to purchase our landing pages to generate incoming calls for yourself if you chose. This position takes more work, time, and pays $100-$600 per client depending on the package you sell. How you generate leads are up to you. You make your own schedule so it’s also up to you when you want to make calls.
Level 2
Sales Rep Trainers– Have the rights, to re-sell the system, and this generates a higher income. Trainers use the system to train others. The client becomes the Trainers responsibility after the sale so the trainer does the training, follow up, and support. For that they are paid more. Trainers have access to the system, strategies, and training so they receive Inbound Leads. They respond to inbound calls from prospects who are interested in our software. This means their income is much higher since it’s easier to close a client who is calling you. Whereas with a cold call client you have to generate interest, then follow up to make a sale.
There are 3 Trainer packages. Each trainer has different tools they use for marketing and different levels of access. For more in depth information watch video below.
Sales Rep Trainer- Receives access to: Cloud Based Phone System, Chat-Bot, Calendar for Scheduling, SMS Marketing, Website Builder, & Email Marketing. These are the tools the Sales Rep Trainer has access to. Sales Rep Trainers make up to $750-$1500 per day.
Plus Rep Trainer- Receives access to: Chat Bot, Cloud Based Phone System, Calendar for Scheduling, Email & SMS Marketing, Unlimited Sales Funnel,, Website Builder, Sales Tracking, CRM Pipeline Mgmt, Surveys & Forms, White Label Desktop App, Tracking & Analytics for your sales. Pus trainers can up to make $1000-$2000 per day.
Elite Rep Trainer-Chat Bot, Cloud Based Phone System, Calendar for Scheduling, Email & SMS Marketing, Unlimited Sales Funnel,, Website Builder, Sales Tracking, CRM Pipeline Mgmt, Surveys & Forms, White Label Desktop App, Tracking & Analytics, Courses & Products, & the Referral Marketing Program. Elite Reps can make up to $1500-$3000 per day.
These are ACTUAL incomes members are making on a daily basis! 

Disclaimer: Your individual income is based on YOUR efforts. The more you put into your business the more income you’ll generate.

If you decide to move forward you will receive more in-depth information on how you get paid and the process. See you soon! Click below for more information and to fill out an application.