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How to Buy Health Insurance

How do YOU buy Health Insurance?

As the open enrollment season arrives this may be helpful to those who are new to enrolling in insurance and may have some information for those who are not so new. This article will go over the best way to buy health insurance, how to get an insurance quote, if you really need health insurance, and how to get a health insurance quote online, and face to face. There are many ways to get health insurance, which one works for you?

Do you really need health insurance?

As a health insurance agent, I speak with hundreds of people per day. There are some who say they don’t need health insurance. Most had it to avoid the federal penalty,( when it was mandatory to have health insurance), many  have it because insurance was a requirement of the college they were going to, or they were on their parents insurance, some say it’s not a necessity to have because they have never been sick a day in their life, then there’s the saddest reason and the most common, it’s not affordable. There are many other reasons, but those are the ones I hear most frequently.

I also speak with a lot of people who need health insurance because they have a preexisting condition, or they fear something will happen and they want to be prepared. Overall it’s a 50/50 split for the ones that have a need and the ones who think they don’t.

You need health insurance for many reasons, the main reason is you don’t want to have an accident, or be diagnosed with an illness and not have health insurance. Out-of-pocket costs can lead to a large debt if you’re not insured. I know the cost of insurance can be high but imagine going to an emergency room, having surgery, and staying in a hospital for a couple of days without insurance. You could be looking at a bill that can be $20,000 to $50,000 or more.

In my opinion, it costs a little to pay less, the insurance premium is not as much as you’ll pay out-of-pocket without a health insurance plan. Take a look at the healthcare blue book to see the costs of a hospital stay or surgery. I’m sure you’ll agree with me after.

Research your health insurance options.

The world we live in now gives you access to information right at your fingertips. Research is easier than it used to be, and Google has helped to make it that way. Research your health insurance options before picking a plan. Start with to see what the premium is, or if you qualify for the cost-sharing or the annual premium tax credit. When you’re talking to an agent make sure the plan you select will cover most, if not all, of your health needs, and research the company as well.

You can go to in your state to get ratings on most companies. The monthly price is a big factor when buying health insurance, but it shouldn’t be the only factor. Don’t be pressured into purchasing a plan until you have done your research.  I encourage everyone I speak with to do that if they aren’t comfortable with the information I’ve shared. Knowledge is power and will allow you to make an educated decision, not one you’ll regret financially and emotionally down the line.

How to get a health insurance quote.

There are a few ways to get a health insurance quote:

Online– is the most popular, however, the #1 complaint I hear a lot when people go online to look for health insurance is they receive too many phone calls after. When you put your phone number in the information box you’re requesting a quote, and there are a lot of agents out there looking to help you. You may have even spoken to me before.

Make the call-The most non-invasive way to get a quote is to call the company directly if it’s a company you want to go with for your health coverage. You may not see a quote on their website but they can put you in touch with an agent who can give you a quote. That will alleviate all the phone calls, and you’re dealing with one person.

Find an agent in your area– another non-invasive and less annoying way is to look in yelp or go to and look up local agents in your area who can help. Some will come to you or set up an appointment for you to meet at their office and discuss what’s available to you.

How to enroll in health insurance online.

There are many ways to enroll in health insurance online. You can self enroll, go through an agent, or customer service.

Self-Enroll– This is where you do it yourself. Most health insurance companies give you this option if you’re directly on their website. It can also be confusing if your unclear or don’t know what the deductible and other insurance jargon mean. If your not sure what you’re doing the next option might work better for you, and I strongly suggest it.

Find an agent-Finding an agent is the best option if your not sure of what you’re looking for and have a lot of questions. An agent can explain the plans to you in plain and simple language which will make it easier for you to decide what’s going to work best for you, and what you can afford.

Customer Service-There is a customer service department with every insurance carrier that is always happy to help you with any questions you have. The representatives may be certified to give you information and if not they will refer you to an agent who can answer any questions you have and get you enrolled.

The enrollment process can be quick and painless. Once you’ve decided on a plan the agent will ask you some health questions, go over the plan with you again to make sure you understand what plan you will be enrolling in, and you then make the first-month payment. Most carriers accept credit, debit, or ACH. You should receive an email from the carrier when you’re enrolled with your policy number and in some cases access to a membership site where you can print your id and go over your policy information. Your physical ID normally comes in the mail between 7-14 days after you enrolled.

The conclusion of how to buy health insurance.

Health insurance is important it is something we all need to have. You don’t want to have an accident or illness and not have insurance. It’s more important than having car insurance, and mortgage protection, or insurance on your phone. The reality is this: Without you, all the material things you own aren’t important.

It’s not hard to find insurance even if you’re pregnant or have a preexisting condition but make sure you do your research and don’t be pressured into getting a plan that will not cover what your health needs are. Getting a quote and enrolling in a plan doesn’t take much time or effort, it just depends on how you do it, and there’s more than one option available to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and if your looking for an ACA plan click here you will have direct access to to look at what plans are available this year, and enroll yourself if you chose.

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Thank you.

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