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My Life as an Entrepreneur

The beginning

Since the early age of 10, I knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. Of course at that age, I had no idea what the word meant since I had never heard it but I knew I wanted to work for myself. My idea was to become a cab driver when I grew up, I thought it would be cool to drive a car and meet new people, and that would be the beginning of my life as an Entrepreneur.

I wasn’t aware of how hard cab drivers worked or the fees they paid to drive a cab. I just knew I wanted to have the freedom to work when I wanted to work and make as much money as I could, little did I know at the time how hard it was. My mind was changed once I found out how it really was.

Time to get a JOB

Then I grew up and my mother was adamant that I get a J-O-B. She was from the old school way of thinking where you get a job and work for 20-30 years, and then retire with a pension. I fought that idea every chance I could. I looked for opportunities that would allow me the freedom I wanted, with the promise of making a lot of money. My mother was totally against that and it was a constant battle with her. In the end, she won, I got my first job at the age of 17 working for Alexanders during the holiday season.

I moved on to other jobs messengering, shipping and receiving, office manager, even working in a UPS warehouse, primarily because I had a child to provide for and I needed a consistent income, not to mention the benefits, however, I never stopped thinking like an Entrepreneur. I sold Web TVs before laptops were invented, Craftmatic adjustable beds, Arbonne, Isagenix and a whole lot of MLM and Network marketing products looking for a way to be my own boss and have financial freedom. I did this while maintaining a job with some of the businesses and others I actually quit my job to do. I can honestly say I spent around $10k to invest in these ventures. Some were lucrative and most were not so lucrative, but I still didn’t give up on being an Entrepreneur.

The Opportunity

In 2011 I stumbled across the opportunity to be my own boss, enjoy financial freedom, and have the ability to travel at will. I was all in. When I went to the interview I saw a video which showed people having fun, and traveling with nice cars and big houses, I was determined to be one of those people!

It was an opportunity to be an Insurance Agent and all I had to do was pay for the course, take the test and start my road to financial freedom! It was hard work, in the beginning, learning the ins and outs of insurance and prospecting to get clients, but all of the prior experience I had working for myself helped. I was finally on the road to being my own boss and taking charge of my time. It was scary venturing out on my own without a paycheck to rely on, but I figured if I can work hard for someone else, why not work hard for me? The reward of helping people learn about insurance and helping them find what will help them and their family is well worth it. The pay isn’t bad either.


I am now 9 years into the Insurance business and I enjoy working from the comfort of my home, working when I feel like I want to work and I am able to spend time with my family and go on vacations without the hassle of putting in a request or having to schedule it before someone else does.

Being an Entrepreneur can be risky because your income relies on you and the work you put in. You have to work harder than someone who shows up to a job and does the work they are tasked to do, but it’s also rewarding because you tell you when your done working, and you tell you when you’re going on vacation. In short, you are in control of your time, your income, your life and how you live it.

The result of hard work and determination

The result of my hard work and determination lead me to become a Business Owner and I wouldn’t change the journey I traveled to get here for anything. I have learned a lot about myself and how determined I am to be successful. I’m not rich yet but I’m working hard to get to a place financially where I’m not worried about bills or money. I know success is around the corner and if “My mind can conceive it and believe it I will achieve it”.

I look forward to my future being a Business owner and Entrepreneur and not what my next job is going to be. I wake up every day anxious to get to work see what lies ahead, and what I can do to make my business grow. Not looking for a job with better pay or better people.  If you’re tired of the 9-5 and want to control your income or you want more time to spend with your family and enjoy the one life you have, take a chance.


Are you ready for a change yet?

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